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“Don’t focus so much on that one perfect superfood. There is no such thing. Focus instead on an overall super diet.” – Neily on Nutrition


Are you ready for a new approach to reaching your health and
weight loss goals for 2016?

Are you tired of the same old “diets” and “weight loss” promises? The ones that leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless?

I have created a unique program to help you REFINE® your health, habits, and lifestyle so that you can live a vibrant and energized life.

The thing is, you probably “know” what you need to do, but you struggle with staying consistent or implementing the little changes on a day-to-day basis. You are busy. You get overwhelmed. You sometimes put too much on your “to do” list (especially when you set your health expectations) that you end up not doing anything except sabotaging your efforts because you just “can’t do it.”

Well I am here to tell you CAN DO IT! And 2016 can be your year!


The secret is to REFINE® and enhance what you are already doing. Taking it one day at a time. And when you do this, magic will happen.

You will learn to love the body you have by nourishing it with the right foods and amounts of fuel your body needs.

You will learn to embrace what you have, change what you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Let’s start by saying you are already perfect


I need you to believe you are worth this.
You were born perfectly imperfect and there is so much beauty and strength in being perfectly YOU.
But every now and then, even the things that are absolutely perfect need a little bit of refining…a little fine-tuning and cleaning up to help that inner light shine and sparkle.

That’s why I’m launching the 2016 online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program called…REFINE®

This is an exclusive online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program. Personal, private, and completely confidential. This 10 week program will be that little secret ingredient you’re going to be use to refine your health, habits and everyday performance.

What you get:

    • 10 week program –  Wednesday, April 13th and work together through Wednesday, June 22nd. Also unlike a diet this will involve a  vacation or holiday to practice your Refine® skills!
    • Daily fitness, nutrition and inspirational tips sent straight to your inbox!
    • Weekly tele-seminar includes educational and inspirational topics and tips as well as answering any questions that were submitted during the week. If you cannot attend the weekly tele-seminar you will be sent the recording.
    • Two private and personal Skype or FaceTime coaching sessions.
    • Email support with food and exercise journal review.
    • Private Facebook group.
    • Dining out tips and suggestions.
    • All the ingredients you need to REFINE® yourself, your habits and your health to start out 2016 feeling confident and strong.
Your role is to show up and do a little work every day.

This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle program that requires you to wake up every morning and know you are worth this. This is a program that is about feeding your mind with positive thoughts, feeding your body with healthy foods and movement, and finding someone else to feed along the way.
If you’ve ever worked with me before, you know the passion behind my work comes not from giving you diets and telling you everything you cannot eat but instead empowering you with all you can do.
I believe in you.

I believe when you feed yourself with healthy thoughts and food on the inside you’re going to live better on the outside. You will be a healthier, happier, and a more productive husband, wife, father, mother, employee, employer, grandmother, grandfather, friend, daughter, brother, sister, whatever your role is in this life – if you take care of yourself on the inside, you’re just going to perform better on the outside.

This program will ask you every day to:

  • feed your mind with positive and successful thoughts
  • feed your body real food and let it move with exercise
  • feed someone else in your life with positive words and through your actions

As you’re working on your own self-improvement journey, find a neighbor or friend who could also use a helping hand. Lift yourselves up together.

We start Wednesday, April 13th and work together every week through Wednesday, June 22nd.

For less than the cost of coffee or a smoothie a day in 10 weeks you will have measurable results!

Questions? Check out the FAQ

Give yourself the gift of REFINE®


Simply click here to enroll and let’s get started!


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Berry Nutrition offers personal solutions for smart, capable, successful people who want to find the secret to possess ultimate well-being even when life is crazy!

Coaching is analogous to personal fitness training. The focus is on becoming the best version of you right now at whatever your stage of life. Liz offers each and every person a safe place to enhance their health and well-being.


Give yourself the present of 10 weeks to Refine®!
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