Holiday Party Smarty

Holiday parties are in full swing – time for good cheer and good food.  Today I am offering:

5 tips to Mindfully enjoy a party


5 tips to Mindlessly eat better at a party

5 Mindful Eating Party Tips

  • Survey all of the options for food and drink before picking up a glass or plate
  • Select the special foods unique to the holiday
  • Look at your plate and determine the 20% margin that you could do without and still be completely satisfied
  • Savor a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage
  • Face away from the food

5 Mindless Party Eating Reduction Tips

  • Larger portion does not = more satisfaction
  • Use the smallest plate and cup available
  • Keep the evidence of the fact that you ate for a little bit to remind yourself that you ate and are likely satisfied.
  • Pre-plan whether you want to overeat OR savor food and enjoy the company, scenery or entertainment.
  • Blunt overwhelming hunger before arriving with a very small snack

Social situations aka Holiday Parties present ‘Distracted Eating Opportunities’ wrapped with a gorgeous bow! When you unwrap the distracted eating package, Sweet, Salty and Sour foods have less intense flavors so people consume larger amounts!!!


Try the Tips for Mindful and Mindless Eating and you will be a

Holiday Party Smarty!!

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