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5 Traps for Feeding Feelings

What is emotional eating?

Do you readily identify with this term and even pinpoint personal engagement with emotional eating?  Or is this phrase not even on your radar? Read on to single out feeling fueled eating in your life. Even children describe reaching for food to comfort themselves! Typically the scenario occurs with both psychological and physiological drivers...
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Spiced Honey Carrots

Today is International Carrot Day

How perfect that this year’s date aligns with Easter. If you are looking for a side dish, this quick and easy crowd pleaser is a hit with all ages! Carrots are actually part of the parsley family and carrot tops make delicious pesto so the entire carrot from your...
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Slow Happy Eating

I have been so fortunate lately to be able to spend time with people at extreme ends of the age spectrum – particularly to eat with them or observe them eating. Why? Neither infants nor the elderly are in a hurry when they eat and they are perfectly content to slowly enjoy their food. I realized my...
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